What To Do With Negative Facebook Comments

It can be really frustrating when people leave negative comments on your Business Facebook Page. A common name for these people is "Facebook Trolls."

It is important to understand why these comments are being written though. If someone had a bad experience while using your service or product their negative comment can help you fix a relationship with them. If it was a terminated employee or family member that won't leave the company alone there are some steps to help prevent negative comments from happening.

Settings/Steps You Should Be Using For Your Business Facebook Page

1. Set your Profanity Filter to strong.
2. Use Page Moderation
3. Hide Negative Comments    
4. Use Facebook's banning tool
5. Write to Facebook directly about the user

1. Set Your Profanity Filter To Strong

If you are having trouble monitoring people's profanity on your page you can have Facebook do it for you. Controlling profanity can be a job in itself and a challenge since you never know when someone will use it in a comment. Facebook allows you to filter this profanity so that when someone leaves a comment with a certain level of profanity Facebook will block the comment from showing on your page. When it does this, this means none of your customers or Facebook viewers will be exposed to the comment.

How to change your Profanity Filter:

  1. Go to your Facebook Business Page's settings.
  2. In the general tab, scroll down until you see Profanity Filter
  3. In the Profanity Filter, you are able to select from Off, Medium, and Strong. Our recommendation is to have your setting at Strong.

2. Use Page Moderation

Facebook allows you to add words or phrases that you would like people to refrain from using in the comments. Add everything you can think of, you don't want to leave things by chance! You also are able to add a CSV document with words and phrases.

How to use Page Moderation:

  1. Go to your Facebook Business Page's settings.
  2. In the general tab, scroll down until you see Page Moderation.
  3. Add words, phrases or a document to the Page Moderation.

3. Hide Negative Comments

If there is a negative comment or a comment that you don't want others to see you can hide the comment from viewers. To do so, click on the dots next to the comment and select hide comment.

4. Use Facebook's banning tool

If you have a Facebook user that is constantly writing negative comments and posting on your Facebook page you can use Facebook's banning tool to ban the person from your page.

How to Ban Someone From Your Page:

  1. Go to your Facebook Business Page's Settings.
  2. Along the left-hand side, you will see People and Other Pages, select it.
  3. Then click People Who Like This Page.
  4. Click the check box next to the name you want to ban and then click the settings and select ban form page.

5. Write to Facebook directly about the user

By all means, you can also let Facebook know about the user so they can watch and take matters into their own hands. You can report a problem/ user to Facebook here.

To specifically report a profile, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the profile you want to report.
  2. Click the dots and select Find Support or Report Profile.
  3. Click the option that best describes why the profile goes against Community Standards and then click send. Depending on your feedback, you may be asked to submit a report to Facebook.