Monkeypox Scam

Cybercriminals are using the latest health concerns like Monkeypox for their phishing email topics.

Just like during the pandemic, cybercriminals use new health concerns in their phishing email tactics. This strategy has proven to be useful since many people turn to the internet to learn more about the latest health concerns. The newest healthcare concern going around is Monkeypox.

In the latest scam, cybercriminals are sending emails to employees impersonating their managers and HR. The email’s subject line has been “Attention all (Company) Employees – Please Read and Comply.” The email includes information on the Monkeypox outbreak and includes a mandatory safety awareness training link. When the employees click on the link they are prompted to login. If they provide any credentials they will go straight to the cybercriminals.


  • Always think before you click. Hover over any links to see what URL it is taking you to.
  • Be careful if an email seems urgent. Many times, cybercriminals are trying to get you to do an impulse action.
  • Always verify if your company sent you a mandatory training. Do this by calling or emailing your manager or IT team.

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