Tricked Into Becoming Money Mules

During these scary and unprecedented times, many people have found themselves unemployed.

With the unemployment rate in the US growing, cybercriminals are becoming crafty with their latest job offering phishing emails.

These emails are designed to offer the unemployed with an easy work from home opportunity that includes a high paying salary, making this job offer very appealing. The email usually has misspellings and gives vague details about the company and job description. Despite the poor grammar, the scammers are still tricking people into employment.

Once the person becomes employed they are tasked to do little errands that then turn into transferring funds between accounts, essentially making the person a money mule. Even without them being aware that they are a money mule, they can still be sent to prison.

Tips when looking for jobs:

  1. Be cautious of random job offers that have slid into your inbox.
  2. If you receive a job offer that doesn't have much detail about the job description or company, note this as a red flag.
  3. Slow down and be cautious when reading emails. If you read too fast and see a high paying salary or too good to be true offer, it can blind your judgment on determining a scam.
  4. Call the police if you feel like you have been tricked into being a money mule.