Metaverse Malicious Activity

Cybercriminals are using metaverse as their newest scam subject.

Virtual Reality is becoming more and more popular. People love to get a digital experience that mocks real life. Most of the time virtual and augmented realities are used for entertainment but they also can be used in the business world. Since this is still a popular subject, cybercriminals have created scams revolving around metaverse to try and trick people. Cybercriminals will play on your emotions to trick you into completing an action. Watch out for any social posts, emails, and messages that talk about the metaverse since it is probably one of their scams.


  • If you are looking into the metaverse, be sure to be looking at a trusted site.
  • Always think before you click on anything. Cybercriminals are sneaky and want to trick you.
  • Heads up for crazy headlines about the metaverse. Cybercriminals like creating articles that contain disinformation with outrageous titles to mislead you.

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