Links Launches Manotak Lodge Website

This past week, Links Technology launched Manotak Lodge’s completely redesigned website at Manotak.com.

Manotak Lodge is located on the shores of beautiful Perrault Lake in Ontario, Canada, and has a fine reputation for fantastic fishing, quality accommodations, excellent meals and friendly service. With a wide array of plans and prices, they can accommodate everything from a simple and modest fishing excursion, to a completely all-inclusive vacation.

Links helped them completely redesign their aging website, giving it a modern feel while still helping to convey the unique charm and personality that has made their business successful. The new Manotak.com was built using LinksLite, which provides them with the ability to easily share things like news, photos and video with their customers. Additionally, Links recreated and improved on many features that were highlights in the old design such as an interactive map of Perrault Lake with panoramic photos and webcams that allow visitors to take a live look at what is happening on the camp’s grounds.

Be sure to check out the site at http://www.manotak.com