Latest Phishing Scam!

Fake voicemail attachments sending people to a fake Microsoft 365 login page is the latest cybercriminal scam.


Cybercriminals are bringing back some of their old tricks in their latest scam. Cybercriminals are disguising malicious files as fake voicemail files. They send victims an email with the voicemail file in it and it looks like a real MP3 file. This file is really malicious, and cybercriminals are able to disguise it by using RLO (right to left override). If you open the file they send you, you are taken to a fake Microsoft 365 login page instead of playing the voicemail. If you use any login credentials or fill out any information on that page it will go straight in the hands of the cybercriminals.



  • Always remember that cybercriminals can use more than just links to phish you. Think before you click!
  • If you weren’t expecting an email and it has links or attachments, remember not to open or click on them.
  • Before using login credentials or sharing sensitive information make sure you verify if the website is legitimate. You can always do this by going to the website directly.

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