Google Translate Phishing Scams

Cybercriminals are creating fake Google Translate webpages that trick people into providing their login credentials.

Google Translate is an amazing tool that lets users translate text into any language. This works out great when people are traveling or when there is a language barrier. The best thing about this product is that it’s free and from a trusted company, Google. This is also the downfall because many people know Google is a trusted company, so they believe Google webpages are trustworthy. What a lot of people forget is that this is a goldmine to cybercriminals! They love to trick people and spoof real companies and their websites to make people share their information easily.

In the latest campaign, cybercriminals are using Google Translate and phishing emails to trick people into giving them their login credentials. Cybercriminals send an email stating that emails are being withheld from your inbox. This wording makes people panic and perform an action. The email then directs you to click the link and login to your email to confirm your account. When you are taken to the webpage a Google Translate banner is at the top and the page informs you that the writing has been translated to your language. Since many people trust the spoofed website seems to be a Google webpage, they will trust the webpage and preform and action. It then asks you to login with your login credentials. Once you login, your credentials go immediately to the cybercriminals.  


  • Always enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) when given the opportunity. This way you will get a code sent to your email or phone so that you can verify the login request.
  • Always be cautious of unexpected emails claiming to have account issues. Make sure to login to the organization’s website directly instead of logging in by an email link.
  • Always think before you click and make sure to hover over links to see where they are really going to.

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