Fake PDF’s

Did you travel this holiday? Cybercriminals have come up with a new scam that is targeting travelers. After your stay at a hotel, the hotel usually sends you your invoice, receipt and/or a survey. Cybercriminals have picked up on this and have started sending travelers fake hotel invoices. These phishing scams have a PDF of your invoice attached but it is really disguised malware that can steal your information.

When a person tries to download the PDF they will receive an error message that states they need to update their system to be able to look at the PDF. It then asks you if you want to update and once the person clicks yes to update they then download the malware to their computer. This malware will scan your computer and gain access to sensitive data.


  • Always check for legitimacy. If you get an email from a hotel with an invoice make sure all your information is true like dates, confirmation number, etc.
  • This type of attack doesn’t just affect travelers. It can target other companies that send invoices.
  • Think before you click! Don’t open attachments from an unexpected email.

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