Fake Law Enforcement App Scam

Like other scams, cybercriminals want to get a reaction out of you and to have you act impulsively. In a recent scam, cybercriminals are posing as police officers that are contacting people and telling them they might be involved in financial fraud. The cybercriminals then ask you to download in app to help them with their investigation into this. When you install this app, it automatically stops incoming calls or text messages. This is how cybercriminals will be able to make this scam successful.

Once the person is in the app, they are given a fake case number, and it shows them fake documents that look legit with their name on it. The cybercriminals are trying to build the person's trust so that they will do the next action. The app then asks the person to select their bank and fill out sensitive information including their bank account number. Once this is filled out the cybercriminals will have access to your account and can steal money. Your bank will get flagged but since the cybercriminals created the app to block incoming calls and messages, there will be no way for your bank to contact you. Hopefully your bank will eventually freeze your account but who knows how much money the cybercriminals could have taken before that happens.


  • Always ask someone to verify their identity when someone unexpectedly contacts you.
  • Be cautious of a claim that toys with your emotions. Cybercriminals want to make you act fast.
  • Remember to only download apps from trusted providers. Anyone can create an app.

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