Fake Job Postings!

Cybercriminals are creating fake job posts looking like they are coming from real companies.

The last thing you need while looking for a job is to get trapped by a fake job posting! Job boards and recruitment websites are a great tool to use to find jobs. The only problem is that many websites don’t have proper security measures in place to make sure that fake jobs and scams aren’t being posted.

Cybercriminals have mastered the art of creating webpages that look exactly like a legitimate organization's website. They have been posting fake job posts that instruct you to contact a malicious email address, phone number or website. This is a way for cybercriminals to obtain your personal information. Every piece of information you give while applying to the fake job post will go straight to the cybercriminals. This is a super simple scam that is easy to achieve for cybercriminals because all this personal information is asked in real job postings as well.


  • Don’t apply for a job through a recruitment website unless you know it is legitimate. You can always go to the company’s website and apply for the positions there.
  • Look out for grammatical errors and unusual language. Cybercriminals often have misspellings or weird phrasing in their work. Also check out other postings from the same company so you can spot inconsistencies.
  • Know your company’s policies when it comes to hiring for new positions within your company. Cybercriminals may also try to target individuals with this scam within the same company.

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