Fake Facebook Messages

Cybercriminals are sending fake Facebook links through messenger.

Over 8 million people have been falling for fake Facebook messages. In the latest scam, cybercriminals take compromised Facebook accounts and send their friends messages with fake login pages.

Since these messages look to be coming from a trusted friend, many people are clicking on the link in the message and filling out their info in the fake Facebook login page they are directed to.

When you type in your credentials on this fake login page, cybercriminals have access to your credentials and can log in as you. They will then send similar links to your friends posing as messages coming from you. Cybercriminals do this because they can use ad tracking tools to make money. For every click they will make a profit.


  • Don’t click on any links in messages if you weren’t expecting it. Always verify with your friend if they sent you a link. If they didn’t send the message let them know they are hacked and to change their password immediately.
  • Hover over links before you click to see where they are going.
  • Keep updated on the latest scams so you know what to lookout for.

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