Fake Amazon Token Scam

Amazon Token fake social media advertisements are circulating.

Any new topic is gold for cybercriminals! Even rumors that haven’t been confirmed yet will appear in cybercriminals phishing emails and advertisements. One that has become popular right now is that Amazon created its own cryptocurrency.

Cybercriminals are using social media ads that claim that Amazon has opened presales for their “Amazon Token” and then they link this to a lookalike Amazon website. This is a fake website and cybercriminals are spoofing popular news websites like Yahoo and CNBC with this advertisment as well. When the viewer clicks on the ad, they are presented with information about the token, Amazon Prime, a date of when the presale will end, and a place to buy it. When the person buys the Amazon Token, their payment information and money go straight to the cybercriminals.



  • Be on the lookout for poor grammar in ads or emails. This is a huge red flag and can help determine if the ad or email is a fake.
  • Before investing in a coin make sure to do your research about that coin. Review trusted sites and sources before purchasing.
  • Always hover over links before clicking them. You are able to see where the link is going to take you and determine if it’s a fake link.

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