Facebook Scam

A Facebook scam is circulating where cybercriminals use compromised Facebook accounts and message the person’s friends.

Cybercriminals always are trying to play with your emotions to get you to do an action. In the latest scam, cybercriminals message Facebook friends saying “I can’t believe he is really gone.” They also include a link that seems to go to a news article, video or to more information.  Once the person clicks on the link, they are taking to a Facebook login page. If the person fills out their login information it will go straight to cybercriminals.

This scam is a domino effect, once one person falls for it, cybercriminals message all of their Facebook friends and it keeps repeating itself for whoever falls for it. Cybercriminals want to gain your trust so you perform an action. With the message coming from one of your Facebook friends, you are more likely to trust the message and fall for it.


  • Make sure to verify before performing an action. Reach out to the friend to see if they really sent you a message.
  • Remember this scam could happen to any social media platform.
  • Always enable MFA (mulit-factor authentication) when you have the chance. If you had it enabled it would ask for an additional verification to login.

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