Facebook Phishing Scam

Be on the lookout for a Facebook-themed phishing attack that is going around.

Phishing attacks are one of the most common ways for hackers to trick people into giving them sensitive information. The latest phishing email appears to come from Facebook. It starts with “Hi User” and tells the user that there is an issue with their account. In order for them to resolve the issue they need to verify their account and log into their Facebook. They inform the user that the link will expire in 72 hours. When the user clicks on the link it takes them to a look-alike Facebook login page.

This page is a fake! Any sensitive information that is entered on this page like the user’s login information will go straight to the hackers. This email also has poor grammar and a couple of misspellings in it.


  1. Always be cautious of urgency. If an email is telling you that you only have 72 hours to verify your account with the link, it is probably a phishing email.
  2. Make sure to question things in emails. Why would Facebook be sending you an email saying “Hi User” when Facebook has your name.
  3. Don’t forget to pay attention to misspellings and grammar. Many times, phishing emails have words capitalized in the wrong places and words misspelled.