Facebook Ad Scams

Facebook Ads are a way that cybercriminals can trick people into sending over sensitive information or have them download malware to their devices. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a popular topic that people have been interested in learning more about and implementing. Cybercriminals have taken this to their advantage in their latest scam.

Cybercriminals have now created fake Facebook Ads to lure people into downloading malicious software on their devices.  If a person clicks on this ad, they will be asked to download a fake file. Once it is downloaded malware will become activated and the cybercriminals can steal information on your device like bank information, passwords and credit card numbers.


  • Never download files from ads. Make sure to go to the trusted website and download from there instead.
  • Always think before you click and remember ads can be bought by anyone, even cybercriminals.
  • Remember your training , hover over links so that you can see where the link is going to. Always make sure the link is taking you to a legit place before proceeding.

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