Cybercriminals Are Using SEO To Trick You!

Cybercriminals use SEO to have their malicious websites rank higher and fool people into trusting them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps many companies have a better presence online. Using SEO helps companies rank higher and appear more often than other websites. Not only is it helping companies, it’s also helping cybercriminals trick people into clicking phishing links.

Cybercriminals are using SEO for their malicious websites. They are using the strategy of adding many keywords and redirecting links to their website. Cybercriminals can also seem more reputable to search engines if they have more visitors. Many times, they will do this by paying a third-party company to visit their website so they rank higher. Once cybercriminals fool you into going to their website they can also trick you into downloading malicious files.


  • To avoid malicious websites, enter trusted websites by typing their URL in your browser instead of clicking on the link from a search engine.
  • Hover your cursor over links before you click on them. Also look for spelling mistakes and lengthy URLs that can hide website’s domains.
  • Avoid search results that have a long list of random keywords.

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