Crypto Ad Scams

As cryptocurrency gains more popularity, it has become an exciting topic for cybercriminals to use in their latest scams. Like many scams, cybercriminals make sales, ads and messaging sound too good to be true! The latest scam is an ad that informs people that they can make a lot of money with cryptocurrency.

Many of these ad scams have been posted on X (Twitter) and are linked to websites that have crypto scams. To trade cryptocurrencies your crypto wallet needs to be connected. Once the person clicks on the website it asks them to create an account and connect their wallet. When they do this, the page will automatically drain your wallet and send it all to the cybercriminals.


  • Only go to sites you trust. Never fully trust an ad or website from a social post.
  • Think before you click! Does this sound too good to be true? Where is this link taking you to?
  • Make sure your devices have ad blockers so that ads won’t be showing up.

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