Barbie Scams

Barbie has grossed over $350 million in box offices and has been a huge success! Since it is so popular a lot of theaters are selling out seats fast which has made it difficult for some fans to secure tickets.

Cybercriminals have taken this opportunity to create a phishing scam claiming that you have won Barbie tickets or that if you click the link you can watch and download the movie for free. If you click on the link you will be downloading malware to your device and then cybercriminals will have the opportunity to steal your sensitive information.


  • Always think before you click! Make sure you hover over links to see where they are going.
  • Be cautious of unknown senders sending you attachments or links.
  • Make sure to not get tricked by things that sound too good to be true. Cybercriminals want to trick you into preforming an action like clicking the link to download Barbie.

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