Bank Scams

As many have seen, the Silicon Valley Bank has caused a panic for many as they have closed because they could not meet financial demands. This has caused in outpour of disinformation spreading as well as phishing emails.

Cybercriminals are using this popular topic to create disinformation and phishing campaigns to trick people into sending over sensitive information. Many of these phishing emails look to be sent from a legitimate bank but it really is a cybercriminal spoofing the bank. Their main goal is to trick you into sending the over your bank information or money. They will go to any measure to lure you. Some examples of the scams that could be circling are emails about payouts, payment plans, and fake bank news.


  • Make sure you aren’t believing every headline you see. Many times these headlines are worded to cause shock. These articles spread disinformation.
  • Always think before you click on an email link or open an attachment especially if you weren’t expecting the email. Hover over links to see where they are actually taking you.
  • If something seems too good to be true, it most likely is. Always be cautious if you receive an email about payouts.

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