Android Malware App Scam

There is an app for everything nowadays! What many people don’t remember is that cybercriminals can also make apps and they can create apps that look legitimate. Cybercriminals have created apps that are geared to steal your personal information and have also created apps that automatically downloads malware on devices when the app is installed. In their latest scam, they are targeting Android users to download apps with malware.

The malware they are using gives cybercriminals full access to your phone without you even knowing about it. Cybercriminals are able to see all your personal data, record what you are typing, and have access to your contacts. This helps their scam live on since they then will use your contacts and send them text messages appearing to come from you with a link to a website that displays all the malicious apps you can download. If your friend downloads one the apps and installs the malware, the cybercriminals will use their contacts and target even more people.



  • Never click on unexpected links from emails or messages, even if it is coming from someone you know.
  • Only download apps from trusted sources!
  • Always read reviews before downloading apps.