Amazon Prime Day Scams!

Amazon Prime Day will be on July 12-13! This is a day of awesome deals and is also a very exciting day for cybercriminals. Since they know, many people will be shopping on Amazon that day, and expecting tracking emails, and possibly getting shipping delay notifications, cyber criminals will use all of these to their advantage.

Some tactics they will use are spoofing Amazon by taking their logo and adding it to their phishing emails to trick you into thinking that the email is coming from Amazon. Many times, they will also incorporate a link that appears to be going to a real Amazon login page, but it really is a fake page.

Cybercriminals will be able to attain your credentials and access your account if you fill out the fake login pages. This means they have full range to make purchases with your saved payment information.


  • Add more security to your Amazon account by enabling MFA (Multifactor Authentication). This will add an extra layer of protection making you use two or more verifications.
  • If an email you receive includes language that scares you and makes you feel like you must impulsively do something, it is probably a scam. Always think before you click!
  • If you receive an email from Amazon that includes links, never click on the link through the email. Go to the actual website using a safe browser, login and check on the update/notification the email was talking about.

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