AI Vishing Scam

AI has proven to be a useful tool in business. It also has been a new successful tactic used by cybercriminals. Not only can AI craft phishing emails but it also can help cybercriminals with their vishing scams. AI has the ability to recreate voices from a short audio clip – meaning AI is able to produce voices of specific people. This is very intriguing for cybercriminals and gives them the ability to spoof CEOS, VPs or anyone they want to at companies.

In the latest scam, cybercriminals are using this method to trick people into thinking their managers or executives of the company are contacting them. The person will receive an unexpected call about an urgent project. The cybercriminals then convince the person to wire money to an account since there is an urgent deadline but if the money is sent it is really going to the cybercriminals. People fall for this because the voice on the other end of the phone sounds like their manager or someone at their company.


  • Always ask questions that would be hard to answer if someone was impersonating the person.
  • Make sure to verify using another method to make sure this is a legit phone call and you are speaking to the actual person.
  • Always think before you take action.

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