Verizon Scam

Cybercriminals are using Verizon in their latest scams.

In a recent phishing scam, cybercriminals made a fake logo and Verizon webpage to trick people. Since the Verizon logo looks like a check mark they created a fake one using a square root symbol that looks believable.


With the fake logo, the cybercriminals sent out a phishing email that was a Verizon voicemail notification. This email prompts the receiver to play the voicemail attached. If the person clicks on the voicemail attachment it sends them to a fake Verizon webpage that asks the person to use their Microsoft Office 365 login credentials and log in. Once the person enters their login credentials, the sensitive data is sent to the bad guys right away.



  • Verizon and other websites would not ask you to login with your Microsoft Office log in. They would ask for their specific company log in.
  • Never use the link or logos in emails to access the website. Go to your browser, type in the website and log in there to make sure you are using the correct site and not a phony one.
  • Remember that phishing attacks and cybercriminals can use any well-known brand and make a fake site. Always think before you click and look for the red flags.