Twitter Blue Scams

After Elon Musk became the new owner of Twitter he deployed a “Twitter Blue” program. The “Twitter Blue” program allows anyone to now purchase a blue checkmark. Before the blue checkmark was only for public figures, brands and governments that had to be verified. The former blue checkmarks could be trusted accounts.

This program has made it easy for people including cybercriminals to create fake profiles and make them look like they are legitimate by buying the blue checkmark. They create profiles impersonating public figures and brands. They use these fake profiles to spread disinformation and to trick people into thinking they are customer support. Be on the lookout for any Twitter accounts especially with the blue checkmark that are asking you to complete an action or to send them sensitive information.


  • Never provide personal or sensitive information through Twitter. If you get asked contact the person or organization to verify.
  • Don’t trust accounts that might seem legitimate with a checkmark. Anyone can buy a checkmark now.
  • Make sure to verify news and information by checking trusted websites and sources.

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