Fake Job Postings

Cybercriminals are targeting people by sending and sharing fake job postings. They are spreading malware through these job postings and are targeting Facebook business accounts.

In the latest scam, cybercriminals send a fake job posting through LinkedIn messenger. They have a link attached to this job posting that takes the victim to a spoofed website. Once the person is on the website it guides them to download more details. When they download these details they are really downloading malware files. This malware allows the cybercriminal to spy on the victim and steal login credentials to overall steal their sensitive data.


  • Always verify that the person you are talking to is the legit person.
  • Go to the company’s website to verify a real position exists and the recruiter on that position.
  • Be cautious of unexpected LinkedIn messages about jobs. Never click on a link from a message you weren’t expecting.

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