Are You Cyber Smart?

Curious to see if you are cyber smart? See how many of these boxes you can check yes to.

If you check yes to all of these, you are cyber smart!


  • I use strong passwords

Make sure you are using long passwords! We recommend having them be at least 16 characters long and include symbols, numbers, lowercase letters and uppercase levels. Using a phrase and incorporating different characters can help you remember your password easier. 

  • I take advantage of MFA

Many accounts now offer multi-factor authentication techniques to make accounts more secure. These techniques can be push notifications, SMS authorization codes, and authentication apps. MFA’s can give you a heads up if someone else is trying to login to your account as you.

  • I back up my data regularly

Make sure to back up your data regularly with external hard drives or use the cloud. This will give you a peace of mind knowing that you have recently backed up your data if anything were to happen.

  • I keep call my gadgets and apps up to date

Cybercriminals will use any vulnerabilities they can find in an app or device. If you see a notification from Google, Apple or Microsoft about updating your app or device, make sure you do so.

  • I am aware of phishing scams

You have heard of phishing emails, smishing attacks and vishing attacks. You have a knowledge of thinking before you click on the link ,looking out for poor grammar and misspellings, and understand red flags to look for in emails, voicemails and texts.

  •  I am security aware

Cybercriminals love it when people don’t pay attention or know a lot about cyber security. You are signed up for newsletters about cyber security that send you latest data breaches, tips for phishing emails, etc.