Amazon/Outlook Scam

Amazon is a popular website to shop from, making it a popular company for cybercriminals to spoof. There has been an increase in the past couple months of phishing emails sent to Outlook users that look to be coming from Amazon that include a PDF attachment.

In the latest scam, cybercriminals are sending a phishing email claiming to be Amazon Support. The cybercriminals write a convincing email that claims your Amazon account is on hold because of billing errors. They send these emails with a link and PDF attachment. If the user clicks on the link it takes them to a spoofed Amazon login page. If credentials are entered on this page they will go straight to cybercriminals and they can steal this information to login into other accounts and possibly steal financial information. If the user downloads the attached PDF they will be downloading malware to whatever device they are downloading it to.


  • If you get an unexpected email claiming your billing information is wrong, make sure to go to website through a safe browser and login that way to check if it is real.
  • Always think before clicking on a link or opening an attachment.
  • This type of scam can be any company and through any email provider not just Amazon and Outlook.

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