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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Gets Results, If It's Done Right

We will help you stay in touch by designing professional email marketing campaigns that will make it to your customers’ inbox and avoid spam blockers. We provide engaging templates, personal coaching and support, and the tools to help measure results.

Full Service Email Campaign Management

When you don’t need the added hassle of developing an email marketing campaign or ongoing email marketing plan, leave the details to LINKS. We work with you to identify the basic constructs of your mass marketing plan and step in to create the content and design of your email campaigns. Then, we help you with list generation, email campaign targeting and deliverability. After we send the email campaign out, we provide live access to your email campaign’s statistics along with benchmark consulting to ensure you understand the email analytics from your campaigns and can determine next steps. Our system also gives you insights as to who opens and interacts with your emails, which allows you to follow up with potential customers in a more targeted way.

Self-Service Email Marketing Partnership

For a lower cost, more hands-on email campaign management experience, LINKS can provide you with a unique account to login to create and manage your own email marketing campaigns. With LINKS providing ongoing support, we are able to assist you whenever you need it as well as provide advice and consulting on best practices for successful email marketing.

Target Market List Generation

Send Email Campaigns to the Right People

A beautiful email campaign is worthless without a solid list of potential readers to consume it. LINKS can provide HTML subscription forms to insert on your website integrate with your Social Media accounts and feature on landing pages. LINKS can also assist with data research to identify your best potential leads and help you to create marketing lists that will drive these leads to successful conversions.

Email Campaign Autroresponders and Automation

Let the Email Marketing System Work for You.

Advanced email campaigns should be more than a one-time “send and pray”. With Autoresponders and Email List Automation, your list is constantly being managed, massaged and updated while your marketing messages are being sent to the right person at the right time.

  • Use Personal Data-Points and Analytic data to automate changes to your list and autorespond to subscribers.
  • Send birthday or other emails automatically.
  • Autonomously fire out follow ups and reminders to subscribers who have interacted with your campaigns.
  • Rate and adjust your list subscription membership based on subscriber actions.


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