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Branding and Online Marketing

Branding and Online Marketing

Brand Assessment & Ideation

Links Technology Is More Than Just It. We’re the Builders of Your Brand.

We have worked with hundreds of clients across almost every market vertical in developing more than just a beautiful website or innovative app. We’ve created brand channels for their end-client to experience and connect to. At Links, your branding is just as important as the code we use to make it come alive. Working with our Creative Team, we can assess your existing brand and market position, and then help you to generate ideas to reach new markets and new customers.

Branding Process

Marketing Your Brand Completely and Consistently

Every time a customer comes into any contact with your company, your brand needs to be memorable and positive. Working with your existing channels, we can help bridge the gap between your sales process and your many touch points to help your team find marketing success. From graphic elements and brand strategy to online channels and direct digital marketing, Links is your best partner for brand marketing success.


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