Compliance Software

Streamline regulatory compliance with government organizations like FERC.

Electric, Gas & Oil Industry

Software solutions for the electric, gas and oil industries.

Over the last 13 years, Links Technology has woven its name into the fabric of regulatory departments across the country whose responsibility it is to make accurate and timely compliance filings. Our TariffShark and PowerShark EQR solutions have been designed and developed to help ease the burden of making those filings.


TariffShark is the leading eTariff management software solution available in the marketplace today. With its unprecedented Support and Subject-Matter Experts standing behind it, TariffShark is the only product in its class that allows you to edit your tariff content in Microsoft Word and automatically creates the FERC-required RTF, PDF, and plain text documents. TariffShark provides optimal tariff filing solutions for companies of all sizes and provides peace-of-mind knowing that Links Technology Solutions continues to monitor all aspects of the solution with FERC to meet your most critical filing requirements.

PowerShark EQR

PowerShark EQR has been adopted by some of the largest energy companies in the world to help them prepare and submit their electric quarterly reports (EQR’s) to FERC. With its proven user interface and responsive database design, PowerShark EQR provides the most comprehensive data validations in the industry. PowerShark EQR is the only “smart-client” application that can be run “in the cloud” or locally within a customer’s IT enterprise.

PowerShark MBR

Our expert team works tirelessly to stay on top of FERC changes—issuing timely software updates to generate submissions that are 100% compliant with FERC Order 860 regulations, with powerful grids that provide 860-specific tools for sorting, filtering and searching (No Microsoft Excel necessary!). PowerShark MBR is fully documented and supported by our U.S.-based technical team, but an easy-to-use interface makes managing data a breeze—including multiple users working on the same set of data stored in a centralized database.

SharkForms for EIA-923

SharkForms for EIA-923 eliminates the monthly tedium of copying and pasting or, worse yet, keying power plant operations data into the EIA.GOV website. With Links Technology's secure, web-based solution, customers are up and running quickly. Using SharkForms for EIA-923, data is imported, organized, validated, submitted to EIA, and archived with ease.

Parks & Recreation and Municipal Website and App Solutions

The next level of your community.

Links Technology is proud to serve local communities with website and app solutions. We have decades of experience in the public sector building apps, websites and software for agencies and municipalities of all sizes. Links Technology has won multiple awards for our work with Illinois Park Districts is a proud Illinois Association of Park Districts (IAPD) Corporate Member and Platinum Sponsor for the annual IAPD/IPRA conferences as well.

Tradeshow Display and Data Collection Solutions

Master your tradeshow with interactive displays and data management solutions.

Links Technology creative abilities go well beyond the web. We build unique touch-screen displays for tradeshows and interactive experiences that set our client’s brand apart. Need a 60-inch, iphone? Want kiosks for customer interactions or animated signage? Links is your creative solution team for tradeshows and more.

Non-Profit Website Solutions

We make giving back easy.

Links Technology has a long and proud history of working with some of the best charities and non-profit organizations around. These organizations know our dedication to giving back to the community and see it in the interactive projects built for them to better serve their populations and generate donations with innovative fundraising technology.