Co-Optim is a luxurious environment created for everyone from freelancers to Fortune 500 companies to connect and collaborate in comfort.

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A Fresh Look

Co-Optim strives to create an atmosphere for its users, their clients, and various colleagues to promote wellness in the workplace through aesthetics. Sticking to that same enthusiasm, Links Technology set out to design a new website that was both easily navigable, and visually stunning. Using bright colors and a savvy content management system, Links was able to develop a fresh, new look for Co-Optim that creates the right "feeling" before the client even visits a location.

Tailored App

Co-Optim offers unique plans in order to best tailor to a potential client. At Links Technology, we used a content management system to create a visually simple and unique platform for the user to investigate and explore both Co-Optims offerings, but also enhance their network and business relationships.

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