IT Assessements & Consulting

Technology audit and analysis services

Depending on the complexity of your IT infrastructure, it may be difficult for your business to manage your IT in-house. IT management not only involves maintenance, troubleshooting, and updates, but also the creation and implementation of IT strategies to improve performance and productivity. If your business needs help managing your IT infrastructure, you should work with a professional that provides IT consulting services.

Links Technology provides IT consulting services to help businesses in the Chicago, IL area manage their IT infrastructure. Insight from our systems analysts, network architects, and project managers can improve your IT productivity and reduce costs by optimizing the performance, reliability, and flexibility of your company’s technology. We will identify potential risks and recommend effective solutions and opportunities to create new capabilities to meet the changing demands of your business.

IT Strategy Consulting

Enhance your risk management capabilities with a clear picture of your technology investment.

With LINKS as your partner, our experience in technology and business will allow your organization to reduce complexity, risk, and costs to attain the highest levels of operational efficiency. Our professionals are able to generate a new level of clarity and insight into your existing network and technology while advising you of best practices and opportunities for increased performance based on our long and varied experience.

Our IT consulting services consist of the following:

Technology Assessments

  • Network Architecture Audits
  • Server Health Assessment
  • Security Audits
  • VPN Deployment Analysis
  • Virtualization Assessments
  • Advanced Troubleshooting

IT Consulting

  • IT Standards and Best Practices Consulting
  • Vendor-agnostic Solutions
  • Equipment Procurement, Implementation, and Management
  • Project Design and Technical Architecture
  • Technology Budgeting and Implementation Planning
  • Network Design and Documentation

IT Consulting Solutions

A Partner with Strategic Technology Vision

Focusing on your most critical challenges and opportunities, our team of IT experts can accurately assess your situation, determine and align your IT strategies to your business goals, and build an all-inclusive roadmap to help take your business to the next level.

You can expect end-to-end infrastructure solutions from our IT consultants. Our team can establish a foundation of high-performance technology solutions that ensure optimal performance along with security health checks, testing, and optimization of your IT infrastructure. From desktops and devices to servers and security, LINKS has the broad knowledge and capability to provide effective IT strategy consulting.

Cloud Consulting

A crucial aspect of any IT system is data storage.  All data must be stored on the most efficient platform and be protected from breaches. 

Businesses can store data within their local system or on an online cloud, and many businesses use both. If your business is setting up a cloud for data storage, our consultants can help.

Our professionals will first understand your needs for data storage and advise you on your best storage options to accommodate your needs. We can recommend cloud storage solutions and consult you on the setup and cloud migration to move your data to the cloud. Our experts can also identify ways to cut costs for the most cost-effective cloud-based solutions.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Securing your IT infrastructure is crucial to protect against malware, breaches, and other threats. 

Because there are multiple layers to your IT infrastructure, it takes multi-layered cybersecurity solutions to effectively protect the entire infrastructure.

Our experts will analyze your IT infrastructure to identify threats and vulnerabilities and advise you on the best cybersecurity measures to protect your system. Our consultants can help you implement effective cybersecurity solutions to ensure that your system and sensitive data are protected.

Call LINKS for IT Consulting

If your business needs assistance from IT experts to manage and secure your IT infrastructure, talk to our experts at LINKS. We are available at (847) 252-7600 to talk to you about the benefits of our IT consulting services for businesses in the Chicago, IL area.