IT Infrastructure

Technology infrastructure development and support

It is very important for the IT infrastructure of a business to be secure and efficient as there are many tasks that depend on the smooth operation of this system.  Any downtime or issues with the IT infrastructure can disrupt business operations or worse, leave your system vulnerable to breaches or crashes.

Many businesses may have a difficult time maintaining, updating, and troubleshooting their IT infrastructure in-house.  Your corporate network is more than routers, switches, and devices and generally requires a certain level of expertise to manage effectively.  It may also be difficult for some businesses to devote their own time and resources to managing their IT as this can take away from their main business operations.  If your business needs outside help to maintain your IT infrastructure, it is best to work with IT professional like Links Technology.

LINKS provides IT infrastructure services for businesses in the Chicago, IL area.  Our professionals will analyze and understand your existing IT infrastructure and assets as well as your technology goals.  We are then able to plan for potential impacts to your existing infrastructure and for future growth.  Our network analysts and engineers have experience providing IT infrastructure support for any size business and we will customize a plan for your success.

Success Through Technology Innovation

Cutting-edge technology can set your company apart from your competition.  Our experts at LINKS leverage the best technology solutions to give you an edge over the competition.  Our innovative approach to every facet of IT infrastructure services and support allows you to plan for digital innovation as part of your overall business strategy.

Our IT infrastructure services include the following:

Infrastructure Technology Support

  • Network Architecture Planning
  • Procurement, Installation and Monitoring Experts
  • Relocation and Office Moves
  • Legacy System Support
  • Complex Security Scheme Management
  • Virtualization Support
  • Cloud Services and Co-Location Support

Business Impact Analysis

  • Identify the consequences of disruption to your IT environment
  • Conduct a risk assessment of the hardware and software infrastructure
  • Identify the critical resources needed to maintain business operations

Innovative Technology Development

  • IT Infrastructure Planning
  • Expert IT Consultants
  • Scalable and Budget-Friendly Technology

Expert Infrastructure Support Team

Your IT infrastructure needs consistent management to keep it secure and operating efficiently.  Our professionals will ensure that your system is always protected, and we can manage every aspect of your IT infrastructure including hardware maintenance, software troubleshooting and updates, and cloud storage.  

Every business is different, and your IT infrastructure should be managed to suit the specific needs and technology goals of your business.  Our professionals will create and implement an IT strategic plan, including short-term and long-term strategies, to help you reach your technology goals. 

We can also implement changes that can improve your existing IT infrastructure.

Technology Support That Goes Beyond Just Hardware and Software Solutions

Our experts at LINKS know how to set up, install, and maintain the most advanced hardware and software tools your business may need for your IT infrastructure.  A LINKS partnership gives you access to the best network operations team in the business who can fully manage your IT infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your main business operations.

IT Support for a Complex Technology Infrastructure

LINKS technicians provide on-site troubleshooting and maintenance of IT networks including network component installation and upgrade, workstation setup and configuration, and complete network cabling projects.  We can also monitor your system to identify and address any issues before they lead to problems, and we provide support to quickly resolve any issues that may come up.  No matter your IT infrastructure issue or project, the experts at LINKS can help.

Call LINKS for IT Services

If you need the help of a professional to manage the IT infrastructure for your business, contact our experts at LINKS.  You can call us at (847) 252-7600 for more about our IT infrastructure services and support in the Chicago, IL area.