Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

We prepare for a disaster so you never have one.

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The Best Defense Is Preparation.

Power outages, hackers attacking, natural disasters ... Is your business prepared to weather the storm like it never happened? From IT risk assessments to the implementation and continual testing of emergency technology disaster recovery plans, Links has you covered. Work with our disaster recovery experts to evaluate your risks and create a plan to be sure your business stays up and running when disaster strikes.

The Best Way to Survive a Technology Disaster is Not to Have One.

When LINKS is your partner, we help you plan and prepare for potential interruptions to your business so that IT Risks are mitigated before they become a problem. Our team supports and tests emergency technology solutions on a constant basis so when the real thing happens, it’s just another day at your office.

Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Backup Assessment
  • Secure Backup Solution for All Businesses
  • Managed Backup Solution
  • Backup Critical Data

IT Recovery Strategies and Data Backup

  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Develop a critical data backup plan
  • Identify a Recovery Time Objective
  • Implement recovery strategies for hardware, software, connectivity, and power

Recovery Testing and Implementation

  • Scheduled Backup Testing
  • Restoration Review Capability Testing
  • Recovery Strategies for hardware, software, connectivity, and power