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Schaumburg Park District Parkfun App

Park Fun App on Mobile

Beautiful App, Powerful Tools

Schaumburg Park District’s ParkFun app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android is designed to engage the community and offer powerful tools in the palm of their hands. Based on Links Technology's CENTRAL PARKS APP PLATFORM, this app gives the District is easy to use and administer for both app user and District staff.

Park Fun App on Mobile

Staying Connected

Links Technology set out to develop a free application that aids Schaumburg Park District in connecting its users to timely information about park locations, field conditions, facilities, and fitness options. The app keeps users up-to-date with events and news as well as allows notifications to be sent to specific user groups to promote and inform.

Park Fun App on Mobile
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One Touch

Whether it is looking for information, viewing facilities, or contacting a Schaumburg Park District team member, we made sure the app was easily accessible to fulfill the user's needs after one simple touch on the screen.

Park Fun App Screenshots

Let's Get Connected

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