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Schaumburg Golf Club

Schaumburg Golf Club Responsive Website

An Elite Experience

While Schaumburg may be best known for the grand shopping experience at Woodfield Mall, golfers know Schaumburg for a different reason – Schaumburg Golf Club. Rated Four Stars by Golf Digest, Schaumburg Golf Club offers golfers all the amenities of a country club setting at public course prices.

Website CMS Photo Gallery Powers Course Images
Responsive Design View of Schaumburg Golf Club's Website in Various Platforms

True Beauty

At Schaumburg Golf Course, there is beauty surrounded everywhere. We wanted to make sure to capture that beauty across all pages of the website. The user cannot only book a tee time within seconds of arriving on the responsive site, but they can also catch a sneak peak of the course by accessing a bird's eye view of the layout.

Website CMS Photo Gallery Powers Club House Images
Website CMS Photo Gallery Powers Course Images


Schaumburg Golf Course certainly can host a multitude of events, outings, or just single rounds of golf. Links Technology made sure the website reflected this versatility and flexibility. If you are looking to book a tee time in the future, make sure to check out Schaumburg Golf Course.

Schaumburg Golf Club Responsive Website

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