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In an effort to minimize down time Sargents provides experienced and competent field service technicians who can quickly identify your equipment and attachment problems. The technicians arrive on site in one of their fully equipped service trucks with lifting and welding capabilities. Sargents goal is to keep you running!

Sargent Computers

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We created a fresh and modern website which reflects the wide range of services and inventory. Our goal was to create an easy and pleasing experience that allows users to find the service or machine they need, without hassle, every time they visit the site.



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Sargents Equipment has been in the scrap, demolition and recycling industry for over 35 years. Starting out as just a service company traveling around doing on site and in shop repair we were getting inquiries on machines and attachments from customers. Those inquires and requests grew into their sales side of the business. Sargents is able to service what they sell to help fit their customers with their right needs and to help them keep running. Sargents take pride in the fact that they are there for their customers to maximize their profits.


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