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Prairie Capital

Responsive Desktop View of Prairie Capital's Website

Helping Businesses Think Forward

Prairie Capital is an investment bank serving owners of middle-market businesses that are considering the fractional or total transition of ownership in their businesses.

Responsive Design View of Prairie Capital's Website in Mobile View
Responsive Design View of Prairie Capital's Website in Various Platforms

A Professional Look

To match Prairie Capital's brand and story as well as appeal to their target market, we went with a clean and professional approach for the design of the website. While the site contains some complex concepts, the website is designed to make the visitor experience feel less intimidating and more accessible.

Website CMS Photo Gallery Powers Industries Image
Responsive Design View of Prairie Capital's Website in Tablet View

Behind the Scenes

Prairie Capital wanted an easy and efficient way to manage their website. Links Technology incorporated a content management system that allowed the client to access their website with control and ease.

Preview of Prairie Capital's Website

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