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Marriott Theatre

Marriott Theatre's Responsive Website

A Chicago Tradition

Since its founding in 1975, The Marriott Theatre assists and fosters artists in creating new works for the Marriott stage. The result has been a string of American and World Premieres that have brought the national press and the country's attention to Lincolnshire and to their website.

Marriott Theatre's Responsive Website on Mobile
Responsive Design View of Marriott Theatre's Website in Various Platforms

A Theatrical Community

Marriott Theatre has been a part of the Chicago community for over 30 years. At Links Technology, we understood that a new website design had to reflect that close-knit community feeling the theatre captures everyday. The site dynamically displays a deep set of information on every show, artist, and performance they stage. Using a complex set of Content Management techniques, Links distilled the management of the site to a simple set of routine and easy-to-do tasks on a web based CMS system. Highly customized, this site beautifully shows off the theater's productions in a mobile responsive way.

Marriott Theatre's Responsive Website on Tablet
Marriott Theatre's Responsive Website on Laptop

Serving the Theater Patrons

The Marriott Theatre has been apart of Chicago history for over 30 years and it was important to complement that history with a website that was able to accentuate the theater's historic past. Our goal was to deliver on a website that excelled above the industry standard while maintaining the history of the theater's performances and service toward its longtime patrons.

Marriott Theatre's Responsive Website

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