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Landstrom Laptop




Unique Approaches


Landstrom thrives on their unique approaches of testing first so there are no questions later. This means at Landstrom Center comprehensive, diagnostic evaluations are fully utilized as the guiding tool and roadmap for individualized and evidenced-based recommendations, interventions, and treatment plans.We wanted to make sure their approaches were authenticated in a clear way so our designers made an easy evaluation process that customers could follow. 



Screenshot of Landstrom Site
Landstrom Desktop

All About The Brain


Landstrom wanted a creative looking brain that was interactive and informative but also stays within their style guide. Our designers created a brain so when a mouse glides over it, it explains all the steps to Landstrom’s unique approach. It is a fun way for visitors to learn about their approach as well as their services. 


Landstrom on iPhone
Landstrom on iPad

Visually Captivating Design

Landstrom wanted to have a visually appealing website. Our designers incorporated a mesmerizing video that grabs the attention of visitors making them want to stay on the website. Effects were also added to each page so visitors always have something to look at. 

Landstrom all platforms

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