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Illinois PGA Birdies For Charity

ILPGA Charity's Responsive Website

A New Look for New Success

Links created an initial web platform many years ago to assist the Illinois PGA Foundation in running charity golf events. In an effort to supercharge these successful outreach events, a brand new, cutting edge website was developed by Links Technology. The new site combines the beauty of golf with state of the art, dynamic programming to achieve success on the course and at the charity. Whether you are looking for a PGA professional to support or just giving a donation, the new ILPGA Birdies for Charity website offers a an attractive donation outreach that was extremely successful in its first year.

ILPGA Charity's Responsive Website
Responsive Design View of ILPGA Charity's Website in Various Platforms

New Design, Mobile Responsive

Our goal was to create a website that observes the tranquility and natural beauty of golf while placing the importance of charity at the forefront. The new website rises above the rest with its vibrant colors and unique visual perspective while also allowing for easy use for visitors and admins alike.

ILPGA Charity's Responsive Website on Mobile
ILPGA Charity's Responsive Website on Tablet

New Charitable Impact

With the importance of charity in mind, our goal was to develop a website that highlighted the beauty of making an impact. The new website shows off golf, but also inspires enthusiasm in the user to give back by allowing professional participants to customize their donation pages and a leader-board to track who's in the lead of giving.

ILPGA Charity's Responsive Website

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