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GreatBanc Trust Company

GreatBanc on Desktop



Unwavering and Unparalleled Commitment 


GreatBanc was incorporated in 1989 as a full-service trust company. GreatBanc is nationally recognized as a highly-skilled, independent ERISA fiduciary with a specialization in ESOPs. The thrill they get from seeing their clients’ employees share in the success that can come through employee ownership is indescribable. Knowing that they played a role in that success is what drives them to give the best customer service and commitment to their clients. 


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GreatBanc strives to live by its three main values: Respect, Integrity, and Flexibility. Respect for their clients and for its employees, our oxygen and our lifeblood, allow us to create, maintain and protect robust and empowering partnerships between them, their clients, and their advisors. Teamwork is the essence of their integrity. At GreatBanc, they win, lose, celebrate and correct, all as a team. Flexibility is a two-way street: GreatBanc recognizes that each client and situation is unique and requires independence, knowledge and creativity.

GreatBanc iPad
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Staying on Brand

GreatBanc's new website does a great job of being consistent with their theme. It opens with an enticing video of the ocean waves and a wave in the 30 years logo. The rest of the visuals and effects are attractive and stay on brand. 

GreatBanc iPhone

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