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CFI laptop home page

Protect Your Computer

CFI was founded in 1980 as a cable TV consulting, appraisal, and brokerage company. As technology became more and more a part of everyday life, CFI evolved to meet the changing needs of businesses. New ownership in 1994 transformed CFI into the full-service systems integration, security, and technology leasing business we are today. CFI serves their clients as a value-added reseller and strategic provider of ‘best of breed’ solutions with a focus on cybersecurity.

CFI Service & Solutions


CFI operates nationwide and across the globe, working for companies of all sizes and operating in all kinds of industries. More than anything, CFI takes pride in the individual success stories of their employees, because they know that their reputation is built upon their ability to exceed their clients’ expectations.



CFI is a cyber security technology provider of hardware, software and cloud solutions. Their site had to reflect the clean proficiency that today’s clients expect from a technology provider.

CFI home page

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