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Alexian Fit Pals

Alexian Fit Pals App on Android

A Healthier Life

Alexian Fit Pals is an interactive app designed to aid and inform children on their daily health habits. The easy-to-use app utilizes a point system for habitual physical activity and good nutrition that is posted to a community leaderboard. Kids can increase their leaderboard rank and point total in a fun, interactive, and healthy way.

Alexian Fit Pals App for Android
Alexian Fit Pals App for Android

Design & Accessibility

Links' Design Team used creative elements of the App's intended use to inform artistic decisions when creating the Alexian Fit Pals logo. Bright colors and fun imagery keeps the app interesting while at the same time, accessible for all ages. The Alexian Fit Pals app allows the user to easily track personal goals, daily activities, and community leaderboards. With the ease of simple navigation, the app allows more time for healthy habits, and less time focusing on a screen.

Alexian Fit Pals App for Android
Alexian Fit Pals App for Android

Integrating Technology and Fitness

Links Technology wanted to combine its love of technology with the importance of good health for the launch of this innovative app. Links combined its creative and technological genius to inspire a health movement that kids can participate in, and later, post and share with fellow fitness competitors.

Alexian Fit Pals App for Android

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