Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Visit

In July, Links COO, Jim Burke, went to visit new client, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in Tarrytown, NY.

Regeneron became a client of Links Technology in September of 2017, and in October 17, 2018, we had our first consultant, Allen Chiang, start his new role as a Sr. Project Manager. Since then, we have grown the team from one to now four (pictured from left to right Allen Chiang, Royal Sirisala, Dimitri Ganasoulis and Tom Morgan. Also pictured, Debi Easterday, Director of Talent Acquisition and Jim Burke, Links’ COO.

Since July, we have started another consultant, Jayesh Virkar, and we have an additional three consultants (Glen Giancola, Stacey Mills and Michael Anderson) starting the next several weeks.

Links Technology is one of only TWO approved vendors currently working in the Research and Development – IT organization at Regeneron, and after visiting the campus, we consider it quite a privilege to do so. Regeneron has recently acquired another 100 acres, and in the months to come, they will be building major additions to their already gorgeous and well-developed campus.

The cafeteria was so good that we saw Regeneron’s President and Chief Scientific Officer, George Yancopoulos, dining at the table next to us while we were chatting with Royal Sirasala.

While visiting the campus and the team, we learned that Regeneron’s greatest claim to fame is their development of mice whose DNA perfectly replicates human DNA. Minds were blown! Needless to say, this client is doing some pretty radical and innovate work in the Biotech space.

Links is looking forward to assisting them in their next-phase development, and we’re proud of the Links Team we are building internally at Regeneron.