King Charles III Scams

Just like when the Queen passed away, a lure of social media posts and news sources are posting about King Charles III being coronated. Any popular topic that everyone is posting about is an opportunity that cybercriminals like to use for their advantage. We can expect to see cybercriminals sending out phishing campaigns and social media disinformation campaigns in the next couple of weeks with the subject of King Charles III being coronated.

These scams can look like a phishing email asking you to click on the link to view the live casting or could be a crazy headline that makes you click on a social media post and steals your login information if you offer it. Be on high alert and cautious of emails, texts, articles, and posts.


  • If you receive a suspicious email, always remember to think before you click! Hover over links, check out who the sender of the email is and look at the grammar.
  • Make sure you remember your protocol and know what to do when it comes to reporting phishing emails.
  • Whenever you come across a shocking headline remember that it could be false information. Disinformation can be spread in many ways like emails, texts, and social media posts.

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