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Covid 19 Phishing Scams Are Still Popular

Friday, September 10, 2021

Covid 19 has been the topic of many phishing scams from the beginning of the pandemic. Cybercriminals aren’t anywhere near stopping, if anything the Covid 19 Phishing Scams are getting worse.

The newest scam is posing to come from your HR Department. This scam is an email that has a link in it called “mandatory vaccination status form.” This scam makes people feel the urgency to fill out the form since they say the government is requiring you to fill it out and if they don’t there will be serious fines. Once the person clicks on the link it takes them to a fake login page for the Microsoft Outlook App. This page looks very real, so it is easy to fall for filling it out. When the person logs in it asks them to fill out their name, birth date, and mailing address. Once the person submits the information, their personal info goes straight to the cybercriminals and they are redirected to a form from their local government

-Never click on a link or download an attachment you weren’t expecting.
-If someone in your company sends you an email with links or attachments still be cautious. Always confirm with the individual by calling them or talking to them in person.
-One of the most common ways to tell an email is a phishing email is if it causes a sense of urgency. This type of scam relies on impulsive actions and they often use the threat of a fine or penalty to trick people.

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