Calling a Cybercriminal Scam

There are many apps and services that can be used to make life easier digitally. Soda PDF is one of those services that allows you to view PDFs. Just like other companies, cybercriminals have taken a service and created a scam out of it. Since Soda PDF is an actual company, people think if they receive an email from them it is legit. Cybercriminals are impersonating Soda PDF to trick people into sending over their payment and sensitive information.

In the latest scam, cybercriminals use Soda PDF to send in email that includes a file and a phone number to call if you have questions. The cybercriminal wants you to call the number and if you do they will ask for your payment information and try to steal your money.


  • Think before you click or download any attachment! Take a second and look for red flags in the sender, grammar, time of email, and hovering over the link.
  • Remember that any popular company can be pulled into a cybercriminal’s scam and that this is not just a Soda PDF scam.
  • Make sure to verify! If there is a number on a email that they want you to call use your web browser to look up the company and the number instead of using the phone number on the email.

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