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Blackmailing Scam

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Over 400,000 blackmail emails have been sent to people. Cybercriminals are behind this attack. The cybercriminal takes a different approach in this attack acting like a nice person who is letting you know that they have purchased your information from a hacker. They even go as far as explaining to the individual how the hacker obtained your information. Since the scammer wants to keep convincing you that this is real, they send you one of your actual passwords and explain that that password has been a part of a data breach.


This scam gets even worse by them than claiming that they have installed malicious software on your computer that allows them to use your webcam, record you, and gives access to everything on your device. The cybercriminal then threatens that they will release an incriminating video of you if you don’t pay them. Don't beleive this!


-Always stay informed about data breaches so you know if a service you use has had one. Cybercriminals love to trick you and use real data breaches to make their scams seem more real.
-Change your passwords often to better protect yourself.
-Use multi-factor authentication.
-Be aware of what information you are giving to online services and retailers. It’s okay to protect yourself and limit the information you give to them.
-Always think before you click. Cybercriminals are trying to trick you. Take a second and think why a scammer who has access to your whole computer would be emailing you to get money, when they should be able to just hack into your account and take it.

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